How to Download

  1. Open one of the download links
  2. Skip Ad(s)
  3. Download File
  4. Extract file (Only if the file you downloaded is .zip or .rar format) 

Extracting & Creating .zip and .rar extensions

For extracting and creating .zip and .rar archives we recommend downloading WinRar (available for Windows, Mac, & Linux). To extract an archive simply right click the file and select "Extract Here". To create an archive select the items you want in the archive by clicking and dragging your mouse or by holding ctrl (in windows) or cmd (on mac) and clicking the files you want in the archive. 

After you've highlighted the files you want in your archive, right click on your selection and select "Add to archive...". You can then rename your archive to whatever you want. Then click ok to create your archive. We recommend using ZIP as the archive format.

Dead Links

We are aware there are many broken download links the site and if you do come across one please help us by kindly letting us know by leaving a comment on our request page. We are a bit overloaded with dead links so please be patient while we try our best to fix them.

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